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Prices on items in "GE"

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Post: #1on Wed Jul 16, 2014 11:28 pm


To All Runescape Players

Wondering why the prices are always "Dropping" in prices? Well let me explain it to you. You have us the daily normal players and you have the RS "NO LIFE ADDICTED" Losers that has no life other then to sit in front of the computer monitor merchanting items and causing them to crash majorly just so their sorry lowlife ass can be rich and flaunt their "Wealth" don't sweat it because the normal daily players that actually play the game and don't not sit in GE for hours & hours everyday buying and waiting for items to resell in ge are better then those who have NO LIFE. That's right I said it its the truth and its the fact.

I would not buy items off "Grand Exchange" for along time allowing us to get the items to stop crashing but in order to do this we need everyones support by helping.

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